Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Happenings

September finally brought us some cooler weather. The cool temps waited til the very end of the month to arrive, but they have arrived and that's all that matters.

We spent September getting back into the school + one more baby routine. It has gone pretty good.

This month 2 friends had babies and holding their babies I realized how big Joel is getting. He is cooing, smiling, and giggling. He has settled into his own routine and started sleeping thru the night months ago. He is an easy baby for the most part, it's just juggling one more plus keeping up with all the girls that leaves me frazzeled some days.

The laundry overload is a constant, I even included a picture.

I've enjoyed getting back to the gym, and I've found exercising really seems to help with my stress, productivity, and my patience.

The big girls ran their jog-a-thon this month. Ellie was so excited to call our family and get pledges, she is really good at asking for money. In the end, Ellie ran 7 laps, and Addie ran 9. Ellie earned $129, Ad earned $132 for the school. Audrey's class was the top class (in donations) in the school so they won a Bounce U party for the class in Oct. Exciting stuff! Here are a few pics I took this month:

Joel at 16 weeks. Today he rolled over for the first time (back to tummy).

Laundry, laundry, laundry all over my bed

Grace taking a quick bath in the sink.


Haley and Audrey

Ellie getting ready to run with her class


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well it seems like forever since I last updated. I have to admit I have been a little sidetracked. I finally gave into the peer pressure and got on facebook so now I spend all my blogging time on there. I'm having a lot of fun, but for somebody like me who has a difficult time setting limits it can be very addicting. I'm enjoying getting reacquainted with all sorts of "friends" but I'm afraid my blog has been left behind. I'm hear to let you all know I will be posting pictures and an update very soon. Here goes the update, the pictures will have to wait for now... Joel is already 15 weeks old, he is smiling and giggling and pure joy. Grace is starting to say more and more words, her fav this week is "STOP IT!" She is so much fun. Olivia started pre-school and is getting used to "school." She writes her name beautifully and adores her teachers but would probably love to just stay home with me. Ellie and Addie are in school and loving it. They are both growing up so fast, I can almost see the time drifting away. I'm loving being a stay-at-home mom although I can never seem to get a handle on the laundry or messes around here. I better run, til next time....and by the way, if you're on FB look me up.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

weekend trip

We spent the weekend in southern CA visiting my parents and my brother and sister. We had fun, although it was super hot. Here are some pics from the weekend...
Swimming at Uncle Stan's
Isn't she patriotic?

My sis and Goose

My sis, Lesley

My bro, Kevin

Ellie is happy to be visiting Grandma & Grandpa

Ready to go to the Angels game.

A quick pic before the game (the girls stayed w

Our rally monkey

Ellie showing off the scarf my mom made for her.

Grace and me hanging on the couch

The aftermath of a popsicle.

Audrey and Lesley

Joel, he is getting so big

Driving to southern CA (yes, we took Scout with us)

Big smiles from Liv in the back seat