Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentine's Day

The days leading up to Valentine's Day are always kinda crazy....this year (and last) Grandma was here to experience the chaos (and fun). Not sure what I would've done without her (Josh was in Iowa for work). She patiently helped the girls write their names and friends' names on each card and she quietly assisted in our endeavor to bake homemade sugar cookies with glace frosting. I had found a recipe and had been wanting to try it. We had a lot of fun, but made a HUGE mess decorating cookies for each girls' class. My sister, Lisa, made each girls' valentines. This has become a tradition my kids look forward to every year. At Christmastime, Lisa asks each girl what kind of valentines they would like. Then she spends the next few months designing and working on the beautiful cards. She's awesome and we all appreciated her hard work!

Audrey's kitty valentines

Olivia's monkey valentines

Ellie and her froggy valentines

Look at those pretty cookies

A closer look

I'm messy in the kitchen, who spills that much flour on the counter? :) Wish I had my own clean-up crew like on food network, wait....I have 5 kids, I do have my own clean-up crew!

Ellie and Joel (not sure why it's underlining)

January happenings

January brought Olivia's 5th birthday. We celebrated at Red Robin with 6 little girls, Joel, mommy and daddy. Here are some pictures of our January...


Olivia and her monkey pet pillow

Olivia put on her Kaweah sweatshirt and hard hat to surprise daddy one night after he got home.

This one is a classic....Josh painting nails (he's good too)