Monday, August 2, 2010

Friends, Bridal Shower, and Swimming

This weekend I got the chance to go to southern CA for a bridal shower for one of my closest childhood friends. Carrie moved in across the street from me and my family in 6th grade. She was in 6th, her sister was in 4th and my sis became instant friends with her and her sister. Carrie spent hours at our home and really became like a sister to me. After high school, she went to USC, I went to Biola (then Fresno State) but we remained friends. Eventually her parents moved away from the house across the street from my parents house. We went to college (and I got married), then I became a teacher, and she went to graduate school, then I got pregnant and she went to medical school. Now I have been married for 13 years and have 5 kiddos, Carrie is an ob/gyn with a practice in Texas. Our lives have gone very different directions, but her friendship is still a treasure to me. I am thrilled to get to be a bridesmaid in her August wedding. Josh and I will travel to Oregon to be part of this awesome celebration. It was so fun to reconnect with my childhood friends, I could spend hours talking about the fun we had and laughing at the stupid things we did. I am grateful today for lifelong friends!
Kathy, Carie, Carrie, and me....high school cronies
me and the bride to be, Carrie

My mom, me, and Lesley (my sis) at the shower
While I was reminiscing with old friends at the shower, Josh took the kiddos to my brother's. Kevin, Josh, and the kiddos swam. Madison and Joel are a couple weeks apart, Madison was born May 18th, Joel was born June 9th. They are so cute playing together!

Olivia and her BIG smile

pouty faces

Madison and Kevin (I tried to get a picture of Harrison but he didn't want anything to do with that)

Joel and Madison...cousins

Joel....such a trooper on the long 4 hr drive home