Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meal Planning in 2010

Happy 2010! In an attempt to be more organized and strategic I have been spending more time this year (I know it's only January) MEAL PLANNING. The links below have some great information on the topic of meal planning. I am trying to do my BIG grocery shopping twice a month, and I am trying to stay within a budget. I plan 4-5 meals each week, and I plan 2 weeks of meals at a time. I grocery shop in the evening without any kids, makes the trip actually halfway enjoyable(I usually grab Starbucks on the way) and I think I buy less crap cuz no one is trying to convince me they have to have pop tarts or gogurts. I've also found some really fun food blogs that have great, easy recipes that taste great! If you have some other great meal planning/food blog ideas can you share them with me?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

Grace, Audrey, Ellie, and Olivia in their Christmas Eve jammies

Nana, Joel, and Grace


The tree and all the presents after Santa had come

Christmas morning

Olivia and the HUGE bear Grace gave her

Audrey and Joel

Joel in his new tonka truck

Christmas day play time

the little elf and Nana

Olivia in Papa's Santa beard

singing Christmas carols as Papa strums his guitar